Vegetable Peeler
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Vegetable Peeler

  • $3.49

One vegetable and fruit peeler*.

Vegetable peelers work great when they are new. Unfortunately, they get dull over time. Even sitting in the drawer microscopic rust can form, resulting in a potato peeler not working as well as it should. There are 2 solutions, either get the blade sharpened or purchase a new peeler. If you decide to purchase a new vegetable peeler, this is a good choice.

  • Stainless steel blade.
  • Plastic frame.
  • Soft-grip plastic handle.
  • Has a notch on the handle for easy hanging/storage.
  • Built-in blemish remover.
  • Length: 8 in.
  • Width: 1.125 in.
  • Handwash recommended.

*Actual products may differ in appearance to images shown.